Look no further for a family friendly dentist. You found one.

 Edmonton family friendly dentist with kids for first visit

At Hawkstone Dental Clinic we care about family. We are all family here and we know that sometimes children can be a little skittish when they are about to see a dentist. That’s why a family friendly dentist needs to take special care and pay extra attention to your child’s needs when they visit.

Our staff have been working with kids for a very long time and have the experience, patience, and skills to make sure that our dental procedures are simply, easy and become routine. We want everyone confident in visiting the dentist since dentistry and dental wellness are incredibly important to your family and especially your child’s overall health.

Book an appointment with our staff and we will do everything we can to make your visit, whether it is your first or fourth, stress-free and simple.

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DID YOU KNOW: Poor dental health can seriously affect your children’s overall confidence and well-being not to mention, health. Children can experience behavioural issues in school and tooth decay contributes to the leading causes of missed school days.

Here are some family friendly ideas you can do to help prevent cavities and establish and promote good habits:

  • Have your child brush their own teeth first
  • Brush your child’s teeth regularly (at least once a day)
  • Check to see if your water contains fluoride
  • Limit high sugar snacks
  • And take your child for regular checkups

Click here to download and read the Healthy Teeth Guide from Health Alberta for more information on keeping you children’s teeth in good health and ready for their teenage years.

Here are some considerations when choosing a dentist for your family:

  • Make sure they provide a positive experience
  • That they teach your child about oral care
  • That they answer all your questions

If you have any concerns or are worried about your child’s oral health please call your family friendly dentist with questions so we can make this as easy as possible.

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